Classe Sa’ar 2

oppure: dopo le modifiche: oppure: [senza fonte] Le motocannoniere missilistiche Classe Sa’ar 2 (ebraico: סער, italiano: tempesta) sono una prima evoluzione delle Sa’ar I Mivtach costruite in Francia dai Chantiers de Normandie di Cherbourg su progetto tedesco dei cantieri Lürssen per la Marina militare israeliana. Le Sa’ar 2 sono state le prime motovedette missilistiche israeliane ad […]

Khitan name

Khitan names are the personal names of the Khitan people which ruled the Liao Dynasty (907–1125) in ancient China and Kara-Khitan Khanate (1124–1218) in Central Asia. A nomadic Mongolic people, the Khitans have been extinct Ted Baker UK Faybll Lace Bodice Reversible Dress Pale Green BUY NOW £179.00 £54.99 , making research on their cultures […]

Sandra Pianalto

Sandra Pianalto (* 4. August 1954 in Valli del Pasubio, Provinz Vicenza) ist eine aus Italien stammende US-amerikanische Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerin und Bankerin. Von 2003 bis zum 31 dr bogner. Mai 2014 war sie Präsidentin und Chief Executive Officer (CEO) der Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Die aus Italien stammende Sandra Pianalto absolvierte nach dem Schulbesuch ein […]

AirAsia X

Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra Long modifier AirAsia X est une compagnie aérienne à bas prix (low cost) long courrier, créée en 2007 et basée à Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie. Filiale d’AirAsia, dont elle partage uniformes, billetterie et livrée, elle dessert seize destinations à l’été 2013 avec une flotte de 10 Airbus A330. En mai […]


Tumuluri is a last name of people originating from Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh Ted Baker UK Aretia Beaded Dress Nude Pink BUY NOW £499.00 £58.99 , India. “Tumuluru” is a small village near Tenali. People with this last name belong to a class of Vaidika Brahmins who belong to the clan/gotra of “Haritha”. The […]

Bento Teixeira

Bento Teixeira (1561 Le Coq Sportif Running Shoes Yellow White BUY NOW $85.86 $68.00 ? – 1618?) was a Portuguese poet. He is considered to be the introducer of Baroque in the Portuguese colony of Brazil and the first Brazilian poet — however, this last affirmation is contested by many historians. Details about Teixeira’s life […]

1992 Australian Grand Prix

The 1992 Australian Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Adelaide on 8 November 1992. It was the sixteenth and final round of the 1992 Formula One season. The most significant moment was a collision between Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell as the Brazilian attempted to overtake the Englishman, eliminating both drivers. […]

Ahirudin Attan

Datuk Ahirudin bin Attan, (born 20 December 1961) also known as Rocky Bru, is a Malaysian blogger, journalist and former editor of several New Straits Times Press (NSTP) publications, including the Business Times, The Malay Mail and The Sunday Mail. He currently runs a blog, dubbed Rocky’s Bru, and resides in Kuala Lumpur. Ahirudin’s first […]