Ernesto Gainza Medina

Ernesto Gainza Medina (born March 5, 1979 in Valencia, Venezuela), is a professional skydiver, extreme athlete, stunt performer and stunt coordinator, skydiving consultant, skydiving instructor and instructor examiner. He is also an experienced BASE jumper, wing suit flyer and three times Guinness world record holder.

He studied Law at “Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua” in Maracay, Venezuela. In 2002 he decided to move to the United Kingdom to improve his English and to obtain a second higher education degree. On 7 January 2003 cool glass bottles, he made his first skydive. This proved to be a pivotal moment in his life and he decided to dedicate all of his energy and passion to excelling in that field.

In 2009 he founded the Flight Parachuting Demo Team which performed at major air shows and high-profile venues across Europe. Ernesto was considered a top canopy piloting competitor until his retirement from the competition scene in 2011.

Since then he has become one of the most outstanding aerial stunt performers in the discipline of skydiving. Ernesto prides himself on his ability to envision, plan and execute groundbreaking stunts in a safe and professional manner.

Ernesto is an experienced RED camera operator. This helps him understand the creative process required to deliver successful multi-media projects.

He is currently the executive producer for Down To Earth Film. A 60-minute documentary on his recent achievement, landing the world’s smallest and fastest parachute measuring only 3.2 square metres in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in April 2014. Down to Earth Film was created by American director Daphne Schmon, Actor/Producer Gbenga Akinnagbe and director/producer Jeff Pinilla in conjunction with NBTV studios New York City and under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum crown prince of Dubai plastic sports water bottles.

Extreme sports and aerial stunts are his passion and way of living. He is also an official test jumper for a one of the world’s leading parachute manufacturers, Icarus Canopies by New Zealand Aerosports Daedalus project (Skydiving).

Ernesto has achieved several individual and collective world records and completed more than 8,000 jumps around the globe.

He is currently based in Slovenia, Europe.

Ernesto is a Professional Exhibition Skydiver and has jumped into numerous public and private events.