St Stanislas College, Delft

St Stanislas College (Dutch, Stanislascollege) is a conglomerate of high schools in Delft, Pijnacker, and Rijswijk. Saint Stanislas college itself was founded in Delft as a Gymnasium in 1948 by the Society of Jesus in the Netherlands. When other surrounding schools needed to work together to secure funding they joined to form a conglomerate. In 2007 stock football jerseys, there were 4253 students. It is the third largest school in Delft, after the Christian Lyceum Delft and Grotius College. The college is part of the international network of Jesuit schools.

When the college was founded, it was one of seven Jesuit schools in the Netherlands. The others were: St Willibrord College in Katwijk, which became Catholic Comprehensive School, Breul; Ignatius Gymnasium in Amsterdam drinking bottles for toddlers; Maartenscollege, Groningen; Aloysius College, The Hague; and Canisius College, Nijmegen. The group had the acronym ‘WIMACS’. In the 1980s and 1990s, with the exception of St Stanislas College, control of the schools was transferred to the local government, and because of mergers with other conglomerates, eventually those other schools lost their affiliation with the Jesuits.

The conglomerate has seven schools:

St Stanislas Chapel (Dutch Sint Stanislaskapel) is outside the front entrance to the college. The foundation stone was laid on 21 June 1955. It was consecrated on 13 November 1956, the anniversary of St Stanislas, by the Bishop of Rotterdam

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, Martinus Jansen. The architect of the chapel, which was designed in the style of the Bossche School, was Jan van der Laan.

Statue of Stanislaus Kostka by Albert Termote

Statue of Cyrano Bergerac by Arie Teeuwisse

Chapel near the Stanislascollege

Sculpture above the entrance of the college chapel

Statue of St Joseph in the college chapel