Robert Monckton (died 1722)

Robert Monckton (c. 1659–1722) was an English revolutionary, a Whig Member of Parliament for two constituencies and a Yorkshire landowner. He was also notable for his involvement in a number of exceptionally bitter and prolonged electoral disputes. Robert Monckton’s father was Sir Philip Monckton, lord of the manors of Cavil, near Howden, and Hodroyd, near […]

Ernesto Gainza Medina

Ernesto Gainza Medina (born March 5, 1979 in Valencia, Venezuela), is a professional skydiver, extreme athlete, stunt performer and stunt coordinator, skydiving consultant, skydiving instructor and instructor examiner. He is also an experienced BASE jumper, wing suit flyer and three times Guinness world record holder. He studied Law at “Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua” in Maracay, […]

Jack Klugman

Jacob Joachim Klugman dit Jack Klugman (né le 27 avril 1922 à Philadelphie, Pennsylvanie, et mort le 24 décembre 2012 à Los Angeles) est un acteur, scénariste et réalisateur américain. L’acteur apparaît régulièrement dans des séries télévisées américaines des années 1960 et 1970. Il est récompensé par un Emmy Award en 1964 pour son rôle […]

Lesser white-toothed shrew

The lesser white-toothed shrew (Crocidura suaveolens) is a tiny shrew with a widespread distribution in Africa, Asia and Europe glass and rubber water bottle. Its preferred habitat is scrub and gardens and it feeds on insects, worms, slugs, snails, newts and small rodents. The closely related Asian lesser white-toothed shrew (Crocidura shantungensis) was once included […]