St Stanislas College, Delft

St Stanislas College (Dutch, Stanislascollege) is a conglomerate of high schools in Delft, Pijnacker, and Rijswijk. Saint Stanislas college itself was founded in Delft as a Gymnasium in 1948 by the Society of Jesus in the Netherlands. When other surrounding schools needed to work together to secure funding they joined to form a conglomerate. In […]

Chocolate-backed kingfisher

The chocolate-backed kingfisher (Halcyon badia) is a species of kingfisher in the subfamily Halcyoninae which ooccurs in western Sub-Saharan Africa. The chocolate-backed kingfisher has the typical stocky kingfisher shape with dark upper parts and pure white underparts. The head and hind neck are very dark brown, the mantle is brownish black, the back is black, […]